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Sean Payant

Chief Consulting Officer

Before joining Haberfeld, Sean was Executive Director of the Schools of Banking. He has administered, instructed, and authored materials for 17 different banking schools and has published articles on marketing, employee engagement, goal setting and differentiation. He’s a regular keynote presenter at industry conferences. Sean holds Masters and Doctor of Philosophy degrees from the University of Nebraska.

Ned Pauley

Executive Consultant, Director, Organizational Development

Ned Pauley is an Executive Consultant and Director of Organizational Development and has been with Haberfeld for 12 years. Through his expertise in PXT Select and DiSC, Ned focuses on helping financial institutions hire the ideal employee and give them the tools they need to make a positive impact in the lives of their customers.

Elise Rempel

Consulting Program Specialist

Elise Rempel has been with Haberfeld for 3 years. Elise is responsible for the Cultivate™ platform design and information management. Elise has been in banking and customer service for over 10 years and has 3 years project management experience.

Caleb Newburn

Program Technician

Caleb Newburn is the Cultivate™ Program Technician assisting with the platform information maintenance. Caleb has been in technology customer service for 4 years and is responsible for creating a positive user experience.

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