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Robb Rempel

Executive Vice President
of Consulting Services

Robb Rempel oversees Cultivate™, Organization Development, Referral Strategies, eLearning, and special programs. In his 30+ year career (20 with Haberfeld), he has served institutions of all sizes in various capacities. Robb is a distinguished conference facilitator and speaker on growth and profitability. He is a graduate of the University of Nebraska.

Rob Bennetts

Senior Consultant & Director, Cultivate

Rob Bennetts enjoyed nearly 20 years in the leadership and team development industry before joining Haberfeld in 2018. He is a Senior Consultant and the Director of the Cultivate™ program and has a zeal for helping others discover values and talents that contribute to a high functioning and enjoyable work culture.

Elise Rempel

Director, Client Services

Elise Rempel has been with Haberfeld for 6 years and in banking and customer service for more than 12 years. As the Director of Client Services, Elise oversees adoption, operations, and development for Haberfeld’s client facing platforms. She leads a Client Service Specialists team in providing exceptional service to Haberfeld clients.

Audrey Wisell

Client Service Specialist

Audrey Wisell has been with Haberfeld for 2 years and has worked in banking and customer service for over 10 years. As a Client Service Specialist, Audrey assists with reporting and maintenance for all of Haberfeld’s client facing platforms, so leaders can see trends and data to make impactful decisions for their teams.

Caleb Newburn

Client Service Specialist

Caleb Newburn is a Client Service Specialist at Haberfeld, focusing on platform training, maintenance, and development. Caleb has worked in technology customer service for more than 6 years, 4 of those with Haberfeld. He excels at creating a positive user experience for Haberfeld’s digital platforms.

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